How exactly does Fuel Doctor FD-47 work on our vehicles?

FD-47 works its way into the electrical systems of your vehicles and cleans and conditions its power. Once the power outlet is properly conditioned, the electronic control unit of your vehicle functions more efficiently. Not only that, it also has an effect on the smooth operation of your fuel injection and engine timing equipment.

What are the benefits of using Fuel Doctor?

Our FD-47 conditions your vehicle to run more efficiently, produce more power, and have reduced exhaust emissions. You do not just maximize the fuel that you use on your vehicle to its fullest potential. You also help your vehicle function properly. More power gives you more control and speed. Reduced exhaust emissions lower your contribution to air pollution because your vehicle produces lower levels of carbon dioxide.

How can we be assured that your products are safe and effective?

We have submitted our products for testing by independent laboratories and testing companies to check the difference in the performance of different vehicles before and after using our Fuel Doctor FD-47. Some of the certified testing companies we worked with are Intertek, Ledico Bosch Testing Equipment, and Kett Engineering. They have tested our FD-47 on different vehicles with different length of usage. Their results and certifications are available here for checking. We have not altered any part in these reports and these companies are in no way affiliated with Fuel Doctor. We offer a 90-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of our products.

What were the results of the laboratory testings of Fuel Doctor?

Their tests show consistent results that Fuel Doctor FD-47 indeed has a significant positive effect on the miles per gallon or kilometers per liter of the vehicles. Dynamometer tests show 7.4% to 36.4% increases in mileage performance. If you want to read more about the results, you can access the complete reports here.