It is true. Fuel Doctor USA produces proven mileage increase for cars, SUVs

It is true. Fuel Doctor USA produces proven mileage increase for cars, SUVs, and trucks. Reports and tests show up to 25% increase in miles per gallon. This product is recommended for vehicles 2 years and older. We offer a 90-day money back guarantee. We want to help you condition your vehicles to run more efficiently, produce more power and have reduced exhaust emissions. Think of all the benefits it will give you for just a fraction of a cost. You will save on fuel costs because you are able to maximize its usage. Rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars when your vehicles get sick, let Fuel Doctor USA do the trick. We continuously have our fuels tried and tested by independent companies and laboratories to show you consistent results about the value of the products that we offer. These trusted companies have tested our FD-47 using different vehicles with different years of usage: Intertek, Ledico Bosch Testing Equipment, and Kett Engineering. You can see the results of all the tests done here in PDF format. Results show significant increases in kilometer per liter as indicated in the dynamometer tests. The increase in performance range from 7.4% to 36.4%. FD-47 does not only decrease the electrical interference in your vehicles, FD-47 also brings down the noise level according to the actual voltage of the vehicle. We promise that we will continue to have Fuel Doctor tested by more independent and certified testing companies to show reliable and dependable results of laboratory tests.

Our products which affect the electrical systems of the vehicles are highly effective. We currently have two varieties of Fuel Doctor that are available in the market, Fuel Doctor FD-47 and Fuel Doctor Platinum FD-47. These are devices of cylindrical shape that you can plug directly into the 12-volt power outlet of your vehicle. The difference between the two is that the Platinum variety encased the electrical components into a packaging material but expect the performance to be the same trusted quality that you have come to expect from Fuel Doctor.

Why spend a lot more for a cure when fuel doctor can prevent it for you? Can you imagine the hassle of not having your own transportation because you have to leave it at the mechanical shop? Not to mention the out of pocket expenses that you have to shell out once your engine breaks down? Do not risk it. Consult your Fuel Doctor dealer now.

Fuel Doctor USA is an essential partner in taking care of your vehicle’s health. Our top officers are always available for interviews and product demonstration to show the effectivity of Fuel Doctor. It is not a subjective claim. We have proofs and results to back up our statements so that you know that you get real value for your money.

So check your vehicles inside the garage doors in Michigan from or anywhere else in the USA to make sure that they are functioning properly.
Your Fuel Doctor is IN.